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Red pools reappear near the Dead Sea

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publish date 2021-12-19 00:22:52

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Pools of red water reappeared near the Dead Sea, according to videos circulated by activists on social networking sites today, Saturday.

The Jordan Valley Authority had clarified, about 3 months ago, the reason for the emergence of red water pools adjacent to the Dead Sea, whose photos were circulated by social media users in Jordan.

The Secretary-General of the Jordan Valley Authority, Manar al-Mahasneh, said that manganese is the cause of the red water of unknown origin that appeared in a crater near the Dead Sea recently.

Mahasneh confirmed, in press statements, that after examining the water, it was found that its color is due to manganese, knowing that it does not cause any harm or affect to any party.

It is noteworthy that the head of the Agriculture and Water Committee in the Karak Governorate Council, Fathi Al-Huwaimel, had published a video clip and pictures of a phenomenon that he said was strange and the first of its kind, and related to the color of the water on the southern Jordan Valley / Dead Sea / Ghor Modern Road.

The pictures show the water in a color closer to “purple”, while Al-Huaymel indicated that the water in one of the craters resulted from the drop in the level of the Dead Sea and the passage of fresh water under the layers of the earth, which leads to the melting of salt blocks.

In a separate context, Mahasneh stated that a special team from the Jordan Valley Authority is taking samples from the black water that leaked into the Dead Sea for verification.

She indicated that the authority, after issuing the results of the tests from the laboratories tomorrow, will announce the results, all the tests, the cause of the torrent and the change in the color of the water, adding that the area is confined and relatively small, with a length of 25 meters and a width not exceeding one metre.

Activists on social media circulated a video clip showing the flow of a black substance – similar to crude oil – from rocky cracks, and flowing until it mixed with the waters of the Dead Sea.

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