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Rahahela: 43% of insurance retirees whose salaries are less than 300 dinars

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publish date 2021-12-19 23:15:54

The Director-General of the General Organization for Social Security, Hazem Al-Rahahleh, said on Sunday that the social security health insurance project will be for every worker in the private sector if he is not covered by health insurance, and the treatment coverage rate in private sector hospitals will be 100%.

He added in his speech to the Al-Ahad Economic Program, which is broadcast on “Al-Mamlaka” channel, that the lowest salary paid from the guarantee is now about 200 dinars, pointing out that there is no direct link between the minimum wage and the pension, since social security is an insurance system.

He pointed out that 43% of insurance retirees have salaries less than 300 dinars.

Rahala reviewed the new amendments to the insurance law and the details of health insurance for workers in the private sector.

The General Organization for Social Security had finalized a health insurance project to include workers and retirees in the private sector who are not covered by any health insurance.

According to the proposed project, the Jordanian worker will bear monthly contributions of (3%) of his wages registered in social security, regardless of his social status and the number of his family members.

Al-Rahahleh said that there is currently no national umbrella for health insurance to protect the worker, indicating that a person suffering a health setback in the absence of health insurance will expose him to an economic crisis because of which he may have to borrow.

“There will be the introduction of health insurance for each worker in the private sector in case he is not covered by insurance, and the insurance will start in stages so that the insurance will bear the full coverage inside the private sector hospital,” according to Al-Rahhala.

He pointed out that the treatment outside hospitals will be in the centers affiliated with the Ministry of Health, and the guarantee will provide a special tariff for reviewing doctors in the private sector.

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