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Arab weather: a third-degree depression and forecasts of new winds and snow

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publish date 2021-12-18 17:17:24

Next Monday, the Kingdom will be affected by a third-degree depression, which means that the depression is highly effective, above the classification of weather forecasters in the “Arab Weather” center, noting that the innovative “Arab Weather” intensity scale of 5 degrees is the fifth strongest and the weakest First.

According to the center, this air depression is accompanied by several weather phenomena, including an active cold air front that crosses with the late morning hours of Monday, and heavy rain showers accompanied by heavy cold showers in the north, central and parts of the south of the Kingdom during the crossing of the cold air front, which may be thunder at times.

According to forecasts, it is not excluded that the precipitation will be mixed with snow above the altitude, which is snow showers over the heights of more than 1,100 meters above sea level, sometimes accumulating above 1,300 meters, from Monday noon until Monday night / Tuesday.

On Monday, strong winds will exceed 90 km / h and will create dust waves in desert areas, and very cold weather will prevail in all areas until the end of the week.

During the period of the impact of this depression, the center recommended paying attention while driving on mountain roads due to the risks of slipping caused by hail and snow, and the necessity of fixing external holdings due to the strong expected wind speed, and reducing the driving speed of large vehicles on external roads.

The center called for attention to the dangers of sand storms in the desert areas of the south and east of the Kingdom and their impact on horizontal visibility, especially on external roads, and attention to the dangers of high waves in the Gulf of Aqaba due to strong southern winds and its effects on maritime traffic.

According to the center, the impact of this atmospheric depression coincides with the beginning of the square and the astronomical winter in Jordan, and therefore it is expected that the square will begin this year on rainy precipitation and winter conditions par excellence.

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