How do I raise a mentally healthy child? Important tips in a new episode of Kids area

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“Raising a psychologically healthy child” is the dream that most parents seek to achieve at the present time, even if their methods and vision differ in the methods of achieving this, which is necessary and important for the future of the child and society as a whole, but it is never an easy task, especially with dozens of challenges facing parents in Education, how can we raise a psychologically healthy child? Dr. Amal Ghaly, the educational consultant and certified positive education trainer, presented in a new episode of the “Kids area” program on “Youm Al-Sabea” TV a number of important tips, which are the basic pillars for raising a psychologically healthy child.

Tips for raising a child only psychologically

The educational consultant said that the first and most important step for raising a psychologically normal child is to love the child and know that we love him, and for the child to be “full of love,” so we always tell him that we love him and that we are proud of him and that we are lucky to have him, and we also express that by cuddling him and if he does not like cuddling, we are raised On his shoulders, and the most important thing is that we allocate a part of our time to him, hear him and hear us, talk together and joke, as the educational consultant said, “There is nothing more precious than time that we give to our children.”

The next step is to teach him how to deal with his mistakes, how to correct mistakes and we discuss with him about them. We do not hit him or violently so that the child does not lose confidence in us. The next advice is to learn how to be self-reliant and take responsibility. He brings his school supplies and more, even if it takes him longer than we need to when we do it for him.

It is also necessary to raise a psychologically normal child that we teach him how to express his opinion and set his limits, and learn how to say no. This starts from a safe environment, which is the home, then he will learn how to do this outside his home.

We must also respect our children and not insult them and thus teach them not to accept insult from others from childhood and even when they grow up. We must also teach our children how to deal with the experiences of failure in their lives without breakdown or panic, and finally, we listen to the child’s feelings and do not make fun of them.


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