He committed a scandalous act with a mask… and he was expelled from the plane

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publish date 2021-12-18 10:17:07

The crew of a “United Airlines” plane expelled a passenger on a domestic flight, prior to takeoff, after committing an act that some described as “indecent”.

And the agency “AFP” reported that the accident occurred at Fort Lauderdale Airport, Florida, on Wednesday, before the plane took off towards Washington, DC.

And the man was putting “string” underwear on his face, as a muzzle, in protest against the precautionary measures taken to combat the Corona epidemic.

The 38-year-old explained to the local NBC 2 channel that he wanted to prove the “ridiculousness” of the measure obligating passengers to put masks inside the plane to prevent “Covid-19” disease, while at the same time allowing them to take them off to eat food and drinks.

In a video clip filmed by another passenger of the accident, the crew members appeared telling the man that he could not stay on the plane if he kept his pants on his face, so he did not, after controversy, leave his seat in the seat.

He compared himself to African-American Rosa Parks, considered a symbol of the civil rights struggle in the United States, who, in 1955, refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man, as required by law at the time.

“In this country, every change has happened thanks to ordinary people,” he said earnestly.

“Rosa Parks was not famous,” he added, however, “changed the course of history.”

And United Airlines said in a statement that the passenger “was not in compliance with federal instructions to wear a mask,” adding: “We are grateful to our crew for addressing the problem on the ground prior to takeoff, and avoiding any potential turbulence in the air.”

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