A mass extermination of tigers due to a counterfeit medical product that costs 15,000 dollars

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Tigers are subjected to a state of genocide in a number of regions of the continent of Asia due to some wrong and strange customs and traditions in addition to their precious skins.
Tigers are raised in pens similar to livestock pens in a number of regions of China, Vietnam and Thailand and then killed, which put this unique wild cat at risk of extinction, as its numbers decreased very dramatically.
Sources indicate that these tigers are subjected to “genocide” due to some false beliefs, as some believe that there is a medicine extracted from these tigers capable of curing some diseases.
Tigers are killed after being raised in barns in some areas in order to extract this fake medicine, as some promote that this medicine has a magical effect to treat some diseases such as rheumatism and others, according to “phys”.
Environmental scientist Susan Bass says, “This product (extracted from tigers) is very expensive. Sellers claim that tiger (or tiger glue) cures rheumatism and a range of diseases.”
Animal defense activists have discovered that about 8,000 tigers are kept in illegal enclosures across Asia.
Animal smuggling specialist Debbie Banks says: “It looks similar to regular juice, but the way to prepare it depends on a special ingenuity. The skeleton of the tiger is melted in a pressure cooker and the bones are cooked for two to three days.”
In turn, says Dang Wu-huen, a researcher at the University of Copenhagen who has studied the black and illegal market for the tiger trade, the tiger’s remains are sold in the form of jewelry, ornaments (made of bones), furs, blankets and others.
One kilogram of “tiger glue” costs about $15,000, and according to environmentalists, “most buyers are wealthy retirees. They are willing to pay more if the ‘miracle cure’ is made from the bones of these wild animals.”
The Environmental Investigation Agency estimates that only in Asia, a tiger is killed every day for traditional medicine. In addition, the trade in non-traditional dishes is flourishing in some countries and the meat of these animals is spread in some markets, which made environmentalists sound the alarm in addition to Infectious disease doctors.

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