A British woman abandoned her apartment to live a cave life.. She lives in a straw hut and hunts animals

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Every person dreams of owning a home that contains all modern technological devices and a modern car, in order to live a life of luxury and feel comfortable and happy, but Sarah Day, 43, from Colchester, England, refused a life of entertainment and headed to a primitive life, as she left her home in the city center and lived In a hut made of thatch, she searches all day long for fruits, vegetables, herbs and medicinal ingredients, such as willow bark and resin, to heal herself, according to the British newspaper “Metro” website.

Sarah hunts animals from the street

Sarah also eats from the animals she hunts at least once a week, which she keeps in her ‘freezer’. ‘My freezer is full of road finds, where I can defrost deer or rabbits to make a hearty soup to eat during the winter,’ she said. He also brought in food from mice, squirrels, and pigeons, which looked like “beef steak.”

However, Sarah admitted that she still shopped for meat from supermarkets, despite her dependence on hunting the animals she eats and using their skin to wear, as well as turning the guts into leather or other materials and using their bones to make tools and weapons, and also keeps the skull as a decoration.

Sarah was fascinated with learning survival skills such as building shelter and using road killing weapons, and now she is teaching children history and survival skills..

Sarah uses the hides of the animals she hunts to design other things..”

She learned to devise herbal and natural remedies, to use them to treat herself, as she said: “I like to test how plants work to treat coughs and headaches instead of taking chemical medicines. The amber-like resin that comes from the cherry tree helps treat sore throats and reduce pain, and the bark of cramps helps relieve menstrual pain.”

Sarah inspects her prey
bathroom suites
bathroom suites
Another picture of Sarah
Another picture of Sarah
Sarah's hut
Sarah’s hut


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