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“Water” clarifies about the consumption of a private farm of Disi water

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publish date 2021-12-18 21:16:36

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation clarified that what is circulated and transmitted from time to time about the consumption of a private farm in the south of the Kingdom of 204 million cubic meters annually of Disi water is baseless and untrue.

Today, Saturday, the ministry confirmed that the aforementioned private farm’s consumption of water from these wells is 2.4 million cubic meters annually, according to the wells’ readings for the year 2020 through 6 fundamentally licensed agricultural wells “old before the year 2000.”

She said that they are subject to monitoring and that water is withdrawn from it, like the licensed agricultural wells in all regions of the Kingdom, while water prices are paid according to the readings recorded by the meters placed on these wells on a monthly basis and on a regular basis.

The ministry deplored the circulation of such incorrect and unreasonable information, especially since Disi wells, which number 55 and operate around the clock, produce 100 million cubic meters annually.

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