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Today is the anniversary of the Karak Castle incident

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publish date 2021-12-18 13:55:10

Community and national activities recall the incident of the Karak Castle martyrs in 2016 and their heroic response to eliminate a dark terrorist gang that wanted to tamper with the security and stability of the homeland.
The events said that the memory of the castle incident recorded in letters of light the extent of national cohesion between the various components of society, our armed forces and our security services in combating everyone who seeks to destabilize our national security, terrorize security citizens and spread extremist ideology.
She added that on this day, the martyr Colonel Saed Al-Maaytah and his fellow comrades-in-arms were on a date with the martyrdom for the sake of the homeland, and this is not surprising for our armed forces and security services, who are the watchful eye to defeat all the forces of evil and darkness, whatever their source and their obscurantist ideology.
The head of the “Initiated Charitable Association” Secretary of Punishment said, “The memory of the martyrs’ incident comes and the Jordanian people remember a heroic epic that they wrote and baptized with blood 9 martyrs who rose to the heights to tell everyone who wants to tamper with the security of this country that the Jordanians are greater than their plot, their hatred and their destructive ideas,” stressing the depth of community awareness. That he does not accept any extremist ideology, and that his message over the decades has been based on moderation, moderation and tolerance.
For his part, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Thought Forum for Culture and Development, Mustafa Al-Muwajdeh, stressed that Jordan will remain a country of security and safety under its wise Hashemite leadership, and that it is resistant to all conspiracies and intrigues and is able to defeat them in its dens and burrows, pointing to the image of popular cohesion that was reflected in the terrorist fortress incident, and that the Jordanian people reject the thought of the Kharijites. The dark age. In turn, retired Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Suhaimat said that the brave soldiers of the armed forces and the security services are known through the process of building the Jordanian state by making sacrifices and that their lives are licensed in order to protect national security. He pointed out that the images and memory of the martyrs will remain alive and immortal in the memory of generations throughout the ages, and at the same time it will be a harsh lesson for everyone who wants to go out on the right approach to Jordan, whose people embodied the most wonderful images of cohesion between the Hashemite leadership and the people to build a model homeland in the region.
A terrorist group attacked the Karak Castle in 2016 and Colonel Saed Al-Maaytah Assad Al-Qalaa, Agent Yazan Sa’anun, Agent Suhaib Al-Sawa’ir, Sergeant Alaa Al-Naimat, Corporal Muhammad Al-Banawi, Corporal Salameh Al-Sharafat and the policeman, Governor of Al-Harasees, were martyred during the confrontation.
Two days after the terrorist incident, another terrorist operation took place in the Karak region, in which four martyrs were killed.


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