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Private schools deprive teachers of 1 month’s salary

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publish date 2021-12-18 17:09:59

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Today, Saturday, the General Union of Private Education Workers said that it had monitored many complaints represented in informing teachers by private schools that they were not entitled to the January salary of next year, due to the increase in the holiday between the two semesters due to the pandemic conditions, considering this as an infringement on their rights and an infringement. on the law.

Private schools continue to abuse teachers’ rights.. shocking numbers

The union said in a press statement today, “Private schools in Amman, Irbid, Zarqa and others, took advantage of the Ministry of Education’s decision to extend the vacation between the two semesters for students due to the pandemic conditions, and informed teachers not to pay one month’s salary for the next year in whole or in part. Due to the suspension of school hours.

She added, some of these schools have pressured male and female teachers to waive their right to the monthly wage, by signing “unpaid leaves” that cover the vacation period, indicating that this is an infringement on the rights of the teacher and a violation of the terms of the standard contract that regulates the relationship between the two parties.

The statement clarified that this procedure is illegal; As soon as the teacher’s annual leave expires, he can return to work inside the school and cannot be prevented, pointing out that the teachers’ leave is imposed by the nature of work and the decisions of the Ministry of Education, which is paid and not at the expense of the teacher.

And the statement continued, “Some private schools resorted to manipulating teachers’ vacations, as they accumulated Saturdays and deducted them from the balance of the annual teacher vacations, (14 days if the years of service were less than five years, 21 days if more).”

According to the statement, the revised school calendar set the winter vacation for the period extending from 12/26/2021 to 01/31/2022, and that the teacher should be entitled to his full wages during this period, and he may not be forced to take an unpaid leave.

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