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Al-Ajarmeh gives good news to Jordanians about the prices of Georgian meat

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publish date 2021-12-18 21:11:12

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The Jordanian investor in the livestock sector in Georgia, Radwan Al-Ajarmeh (Abu Talal), noted that the “experimental” shipment of Georgian meat that arrived in Jordan on Friday evening is not from his farms.

Al-Ajarmeh said in a post on his Facebook page today, Saturday, that, “Based on the communications we received since yesterday to inquire about the shipment of Georgian meat that arrived in Jordan, we would like to point out the following.. The shipment that arrived in Jordan does not belong to our farms in Georgia.” “.

He added, “The media announced the importer of that shipment, and the Ministry of Agriculture had earlier opened the door for import to all traders, and its efforts are thankful.”

Al-Ajarmeh stressed that “we pledged that our prices would be within the reach of the Jordanian citizen. We are committed to this, and in the coming days, the date of arrival of our shipment of meat will be announced on a daily basis.”

It is noteworthy that the price of one kilogram of Georgian meat ranged between (7.2-8) dinars, which angered many citizens, calling for a boycott of Georgian meat due to the high tax imposed on it and the consumption of municipal lamb being less expensive.

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