Counting the results of the Al-Wehdat club elections begins

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publish date 2021-12-17 22:45:14

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The counting of the results of the elections for the president of Al-Wehdat Club and members of the club’s board of directors began, after the end of the voting period and the closing of the boxes at 7:30 pm today, Friday.

Members of the club’s general assembly elected their candidates for the presidency and membership of the Wihdat Club for the 2021-2024 electoral cycle.

The number of members of the General Assembly in the Wihdat Club, who have the right to vote, is 6,035, while 4,229 voters have voted.

Two blocs are competing in the Wihdat Club elections; The first was headed by Bashar al-Hawamdeh and was called the “Unit of Championships” bloc, and it includes: Ziad Shelbaya, Ghasab Khalil, Awad Al-Asmar, Khaled Abu Quta, Walid Al-Saudi, Hatem Abu Maalesh, Bassam Shelbaya, Abdul Rahman Al-Najjar, Muhammad Abdul Qader Dughmush, and Majdi Dughmush.

The second bloc, which was called “Al-Ahrar”, is headed by Youssef Al-Saqour, “Al-Mukhtar”, and includes: Iyad Al-Shamlati, Sami Dahbour, Khaled Al-Absi, Abdel Hakim Al-Sinawi, Khader Sawan, Ali Khalifa, Zaid Abu Hamid, Muhammad Dughmush, Sami Al-Sayed and Makhlid Al-Kuz.

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