To combat Omicron … a study shows the effectiveness of the “AstraZeneca cocktail”

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publish date 2021-12-17 09:32:36

AstraZeneca announced, on Thursday, that a laboratory study of its “EvoShield” antibody mixture for Covid-19 showed that the treatment retained equivalent activity to the new Corona virus mutant, Omicron, which heralds a broader use of the treatment.

The study was conducted on “EvoShield” by independent researchers from the US Food and Drug Administration using the so-called pseudoviruses, which contain the main mutations of the Corona virus in all strains, which have appeared so far.

The company added that it is conducting, with other parties, further analyzes of the drug “Evoshield”, and the data is expected to appear “very soon.”

For its part, the US-based company, Regeneron, revealed that its Regen-Cove treatment, also known as “Ronabrif”, is less effective against Omicron, although it is still effective against the Delta strain, in confirmation of indications issued by laboratory tests. late last month.

Earlier in the week, German researchers found that the COVID-19 vaccines, developed by Eli Lilly and Regeneron, lose most of their efficacy when exposed in laboratory tests to the omicron mutant.

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