The sleeper, the observer of drying paint, and the professional crying at funerals.. the strangest jobs in the world

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Any person in the world is looking for a job that will help him increase his financial income and at the same time correspond to his skills and professional experience and achieve his hopes and ambitions in life, but what some do not expect is that there are strange jobs that many people have not heard about, which we review in this report, according to As mentioned by the site theundercoverrecruiter“.

The strangest jobs in the world

sleeper function

A hotel in Finland hired a staff member as a “professional sleeper” to test the comfort of their beds. This job relies on the individual sleeping on the hotel beds each night and making a note of the bed’s strength and durability.

Paint drying monitor

There is another profession that no one expected in the world, which is the profession of monitoring the paint, which depends on someone observing the paint as it dries, and following the changes that occur to the paint in terms of color and texture. This job is one of the common jobs in the United Kingdom.

Watch movies

An electronic movie platform hired someone to watch all of its content before making it available to the public, and this employee’s job is to review each movie and program and take notes on what he watched.

crowd the train passengers

Japan’s railways have hired someone to help cram as many passengers as possible into the train by pushing them from the outside until the doors are closed..

Professional crying at funerals

There is a belief in Southeast Asia that a noisy funeral helps the dead transition to the afterlife, so the family of the dead contracts with professional mourners to weep and weep loudly throughout the funeral.

snake venom collector

This job depends on collecting poisonous snake venom in jars for use in antivenoms and medical drugs. This job requires the employee to be brave enough to perform this task.

dog food connoisseur

There is another funny job, which is a dog food taster, whose job depends on tasting new dog food products, such as canned meat, biscuits and bones, while writing a note for food flavors.

Smell the breath and the armpits

Someone is assigned to test the effectiveness of new products from perfumes, medicines, etc. and their effect on the smell of breath, feet and armpits by smelling the volunteers who have used these products.

Deep sea pizza delivery

There is an underwater hotel in Florida, which has hired a diver to deliver pizza to guests by carrying it in a weatherproof bag.

Smell the armpits
snake venom collector
snake venom collector
Pay passengers
Pay passengers
bed lab
bed lab


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