Omicron … a warning from Biden and the seven countries consider it the “greatest danger”

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publish date 2021-12-17 09:27:07

US President Joe Biden warned, Thursday, that the mutated Omicron of the Corona virus has reached his country, and it will “begin to spread much faster in the United States.”

The US President called on his citizens to receive anti-virus vaccines, including the booster dose. Biden said that “the only real protection is that you receive the vaccine,” warning that winter will bring “severe illness and death” to the unvaccinated.

On Thursday, the health ministers of the Group of Seven countries warned that the mutated Omicron of the Corona virus is “the greatest current threat to public health in the world,” stressing that addressing this threat requires “close cooperation.”

And the health ministers of the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Canada, Germany, Italy and Japan said, in a statement issued after their last meeting under the British presidency of the group, that they were “very concerned about the increase in the number of infections” with the new mutation.

The statement added that the “key” to confronting a “very rapidly developing situation” lies in “closer cooperation than ever before”, as well as in “data monitoring and sharing.”

The health ministers of the seven major industrialized countries reiterated their “commitment (…) to fight the current pandemic and build defenses for the future.”

Emphasizing in their statement that “working together is crucial to countering the rapidly spreading Omicron wave”, the ministers stressed the importance of “equitable access to diagnosis and genome sequencing”, as well as to vaccines and treatments.

With regard to vaccines, the ministers stressed the importance of “booster-dose vaccination campaigns”, as well as the need for these campaigns to be accompanied by “regular examinations” and “non-pharmaceutical” measures.

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