A “painful blow” to the “Johnson & Johnson” vaccine against Corona

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publish date 2021-12-17 09:29:29

On Friday night, US health authorities recommended using Pfizer and Moderna vaccines instead of Johnson & Johnson to vaccinate all adults against Covid-19, due to blood clots that the single-dose vaccine is believed to be responsible for.

This recommendation, issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), represents a painful blow to Johnson & Johnson, whose vaccine is accused of being behind nine deaths in the United States.

But this recommendation does not mean that this vaccine is banned in the United States, as it will remain available, especially to people who cannot receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, especially because of allergic reactions that may be caused by the messenger RNA technology (RNA), on which it depends. These two vaccines.

“Today’s updated recommendation confirms the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s commitment to providing scientific information to American citizens as soon as it becomes available,” CDC Director Rochelle Wallinsky said in a statement.

The decision came hours after a panel of independent experts called on US health authorities to issue a recommendation for all adults to prioritize the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines over the single-dose vaccine.

The expert committee concluded this call based on new data that confirmed that people who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine had blood clots.

But CDC official Sarah Oliver was keen to point out that the recommendation to give priority to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines over the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was issued due to the large quantities of the two messenger RNA vaccines currently available.

She stressed that the single-dose vaccine reduces the risk of hospitalization, but it carries a higher health risk compared to its two-dose competitors.

The expert committee stressed that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine should remain available, especially for people who suffer from allergies that prevent them from receiving one of the other two vaccines, or if another vaccine is not available as an alternative.

Experts refused to recommend that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine be banned because of the repercussions that such a situation could cause outside the United States, where vaccine supplies may vary.

Oliver stressed that if no other vaccine is available, the benefits of receiving Johnson & Johnson against Covid-19 far outweigh the risks of this vaccine.

As of the end of August, there were 54 cases of blood clot associated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine out of more than 14 million doses administered.

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