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The Minister of Labor stops the assignment and transfer of the Ministry’s employees to its affiliated institutions

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publish date 2021-12-16 18:40:00

Today, Thursday, Minister of Labor Nayef Istitieh decided to stop assigning, transferring or assigning employees to and from the Ministry of Labor and from its affiliated institutions, including the Social Security Corporation, the Social Security Investment Fund, the Professional and Technical Skills Development Authority, the Development and Employment Fund and the Vocational Training Corporation.

The minister’s decision, which was circulated, confirmed that no letter of assignment, transfer or assignment will be issued to work for it or with its affiliated institutions except after the approval of the competent internal committees that will be formed for the purposes of considering requests submitted by employees for assignment, assignment and transfer to and from the Ministry of Labor and from and to affiliated institutions It has, within unified models based on workload analysis and surplus and shortage studies.

The decision indicated that these competent committees that will be formed will not give their approval to the employee’s request until after interviewing him and ensuring his competence and the extent of his need and the presence of a vacancy with the authority he wishes to delegate or transfer to work for, with providing sufficient justifications for his transfer, assignment or assignment with the attachment of practical experiences and educational qualifications This employee and the reasons for his need.

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