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Continuous decrease in active corona infections in Jordan

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publish date 2021-12-17 10:42:15

Data from the Ministry of Health regarding the Corona epidemic revealed that there were 64,189 active cases of corona in Jordan as of Friday morning.

According to the daily briefing of the Ministry of Health, 12,118 people died in Jordan as a result of the virus, after the Kingdom recorded 40 deaths yesterday, Thursday.

The number of cumulative infections recorded in the Kingdom since the emergence of the epidemic reached one million and 27 thousand and 844 injuries, while the number of people recovering from the virus reached 951 thousand and 537 cases of recovery.

According to the global “Word Meter” website, which specializes in monitoring statistics on the Corona epidemic, the total number of injuries around the world reached 273 million and 260 thousand and 317 cases, of which 245 million and 398 thousand and 183 cases were cured.

The virus has claimed 5 million 353 thousand and 600 deaths worldwide.

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