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An armed clan quarrel and a student suicide attempt.. this is what happened in a private university

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publish date 2021-12-17 01:04:50

Jordan News

Students and university security staff in a private university thwarted a suicide attempt by a student who threatened to throw herself from one of the windows of the Faculty of Law building today, Thursday.

In the details obtained by Akhbar Al-Jordan electronic newspaper from students inside the university, a state of complete chaos witnessed in a private university, after a student attempted suicide, after receiving a penalty of depriving her of a course, pointing out that university security and some of the students present thwarted the girl’s attempt to last moments.

On the other hand, the same university witnessed today, Thursday, a large clan quarrel in which firearms and stones were used, resulting in some injuries and the breaking of some university facilities.

Students told Jordan News that the university witnessed a heavy security presence from the security forces and the gendarmerie in order to prevent the recurrence of the quarrel, while the gendarmerie forces imposed a security cordon in the vicinity of the university.

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Jordan News

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