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Al-Thneibat clan denounces all normalization agreements

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publish date 2021-12-17 20:41:53

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The Al-Thneibat Al-Karak tribe issued a statement this evening, Friday, criticizing the acceleration of normalization steps during the years following the Wadi Araba agreement.

The Al-Thneibat clan denounced “all the normalization agreements with the usurping occupier and its dependencies from pledging Jordan completely to the Zionist project and annexing Jordan to beloved Palestine.”

The clan added in the statement, “When we denounce and declare our rejection of it, we renounce everyone who adopts it, defends it, and drives it, whatever his pretext for that is, whoever it is” official, parliamentary or popular bodies.”

Here is the full text of the statement:

“In the name of God the Merciful. ..

A statement on behalf of the Al-Thneibat clan (about the normalization agreements with the Zionist occupier).

I hurt him, I hurt him..

He cried and cried with him

old bleeding wound

He revived the poem and brought it back..

Successive surgeries and successive misfortunes surrender to each other a systematic plan to destroy Jordan’s fortresses and eliminate the last gasp of its options outside the Zionist project. The steps of normalization accelerated in the years that followed the humiliation agreement (Wadi Araba).

They marginalized the parties and broke their backbone until their biggest ambitions became a seat in the decoration council on terms and understandings. They launched a war against the clans until their members became panting for a bite dipped in sacrifice.

They concluded agreements drafted with Zionist ink and hired Jordanian personalities to defend and market them.

And they raised their voices that it is not possible to be better than it was!

And when the torrent reached the flood, the members of this clan (the Thinibat) called to do their duty by denouncing all the agreements of normalization with the usurping occupier and its dependencies from pledging Jordan completely to the Zionist project and annexing Jordan to our beloved Palestine. Who are “official, parliamentary or popular bodies”.

Oh dear Jordanians, your homeland is sold by piece, and the homeland is mortgaged as land, people and as a decision for the Zionist project.

Answer the call of duty in defending your country and your capabilities, before we reach complete loss.

..and God is dominant over His command..and let the typographers and their followers be dishonored.

The Al-Thneibat/Karak clan.

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Source : اخبار الاردن

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