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Al-Hawari: The Ministry of Health aims to delay the arrival of Omicron in Jordan

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publish date 2021-12-17 22:26:55

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The Minister of Health, Dr. Firas Al-Hawari, called on citizens to quickly receive the vaccine against the emerging corona virus, and to adhere to general preventive measures; Wearing a mask and maintaining physical distancing.

Al-Hawari said in an interview on Jordan TV this evening, Friday, that the “Omicron” mutant is from the Corona virus, even if there are indications that it is less severe than its predecessor, but the high speed of its spread caused large numbers of infections in a short time, which may constitute a problem. burden on the health sector.

He added: “Our message to the Jordanian citizen: Whoever did not receive the two doses of the vaccine must receive the two doses, and whoever received the two doses and passed the second dose three months later, let him take the third dose.”

Al-Hawari stressed, “The only way to preserve our country and our economy is to control infections, and this is through adherence to vaccination, preventive measures from wearing masks and ensuring physical distancing.”

He continued, “The number of recipients of the two doses reached 3.9 million people, and these constitute 57% of the target group who are over 18 years old, but we want larger numbers, especially in light of the new mutations and in light of the reduction in the age of the target group.”

Al-Hawari pointed out that the effectiveness of vaccines decreased in light of the new mutant, but the third dose increases that effectiveness.

He said that there are 7 confirmed cases of Omicron in Jordan, and all of them were negative, and their infection was discovered through an examination at the airport.

Al-Hawari indicated that the Ministry of Health aims to delay the arrival of the mutant, until it is able to detect the omicron mutant with a single PCR test, indicating that the current omicron diagnosis mechanism takes time.

He stressed the ministry’s keenness to prepare to confront the Omicron mutant in the current stage, which is witnessing a decline in the third wave.

Al-Hawari indicated that the susceptibility of those who were previously infected with the virus to being infected again is higher than those who were not previously infected, especially since the virus has mutated.

He said that the Omicron mutant will become the dominant version of the Corona virus in Jordan and the world, which requires us not to be slack in receiving the vaccine.

Al-Hawari pointed out that the second semester in schools, which will start next February, will coincide with the entry of the Omicron mutant to Jordan, stressing that there is no proposal to move towards closure.

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