Imprisonment for an eighty-year-old woman leading a land fraud gang

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publish date 2021-12-17 21:55:54

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A citizen in the capital, Amman, was subjected to fraud and deception by selling a plot of land worth 355 thousand dinars.

One of the criminal courts in the capital, Amman, condemned the suspect (A.J), who is 80 years old, for the crime of fraud in association with (T.T) and (CTM), and imprisonment for each of them for one year, fees and a fine of 100 dinars. and fees.

The court also ruled obligating them to be jointly and severally liable for the value of the personal right claim amounting to (410) thousand in favor of the personal right claimant (R.H).

This court ruling came, after it was proven to it that the suspect (T.T) offered a plot of land in Amman for sale, and took the complainant (R.H) to buy it, and the suspect (T.T) insisted on selling it to the complainant even though he told him that the amount available to him It is not enough, but the suspect persuaded the complainant to sell it to him in installments in order to seize the money.

According to the court, it was agreed to buy the plot of land at a value of 355 thousand dinars, and after the first payment and the rest were paid in installments according to checks, the suspect (T.T) and Al-Dhainaina (A.J) attended the Land Department with the complainant in order to waive the plot of land And they made him believe that the plot of land had been assigned to the plaintiff under a power of attorney.

After that, the complainant was surprised that the same plot of land was offered in the newspapers for sale, and it turned out that the plot belongs to a person residing in America. The owner of the plot of land and the work of a forged agency under it.

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