A wife draws circles on the moles on her husband’s back before he goes to the doctor.. to alert the doctor

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A dermatologist in the US state of Utah was shocked when he learned that his wife decided what to do to prevent her husband’s cancer and began writing notes on the patient’s back and stomach. The doctor was surprised when he saw that the wife decided to draw circles with a pen around moles on her husband’s body. her health, and began writing notes on his back and stomach.

And the patient’s wife, Brinley Miles, from Utah in the United States of America, noticed the appearance of several red and black dots on her husband’s chest and back, and she was worried that they were cancerous, and to ascertain the causes of these red and black dots and to make sure that they knew whether they posed any danger to her partner’s health. She drew circular marks around the moles with a pen, according to the Daily Star newspaper.

The wife and her sick husband went to the doctor with a number of circles drawn on his back and chest. “This is how I sent my husband to the dermatologist,” said Brinley Miles.

After a visit to the clinic, her husband came back and showed her what he had done with the expert doctor during the examination. The dermatologist left notes next to each circled mole – some marked “good” and others covered with a bandage with a note “taken for testing”.

On the other hand, the patient gave his wife a paper, in which he explained how to care for the wound, and the type of cream needed for cleansing and healing, and a test is scheduled for suspicious moles within a period ranging from 7 to 10 days..

Many praised the behavior of the patient’s wife, according to the newspaper “Daily Star”, and one of the commentators on the wife’s video said: “This is why married men live longer.”

Another wrote: “As someone who lost my wife to skin cancer, thank you for taking these tests.”.

patient’s back
patient's back
Another picture of the patient’s back


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