A Lebanese woman wins the “International Excellence Award for Scientific Achievement”

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publish date 2021-12-16 10:25:24

A new Lebanese achievement to be added to the list of achievements for the Lebanese who have excelled at the Arab and international levels, represented by awarding the Lebanese Hala Ghosn the Golden Medal of Excellence for Pharmaceutical Sciences and Scientific Research, and the International Excellence Award 2021.

Ghosn received the honor in recognition of her efforts as Director of Research, Drug and Vaccine in the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Texas Hospital, League City, in the United States of America, within the celebration of the “Fakhr Al-Arab Award for Creativity”, which is granted annually to distinguished people in the fields of comprehensive development, public service and medical sciences at the level of The Arab world, at a ceremony hosted by Dubai last November, coinciding with the opening of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Dr. Ghosn holds a pharmacy degree from the University of Houston in the United States, was born in Beirut, and holds the position of President of the American-Lebanese Cultural Center after serving as Vice President for the year 2020, and she is a member of the American-Lebanese Medical Association.

About her winning the “Arab Pride Award”, Ghosn said: “I am proud of being an Arab woman who serves society, especially during the last two years, when the world was floundering with an epidemic that paralyzed humanity in all its sectors and at all levels.”

And Ghosn added in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “I was honored because, since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, I carried out a widespread awareness campaign at the level of Lebanon and the Arab world about the dangers of Covid-19 and its prevention, stressing the importance of taking the vaccine and raising health awareness in society by giving advice And instructions related to preventive measures to limit the spread of the virus, and one of my priorities was to deliver accurate medical information and instructions and the latest medical research on approved and approved vaccines from the Center for Epidemiology and Disease Control.”

And she continued, “In the most difficult circumstances that Lebanon is experiencing, I have remained in constant contact with the sons of my motherland about how to send medicines in light of the current drug crisis.”

And she indicated: “I was nominated for this award months ago as a result of studies and awareness campaigns that I have prepared since the beginning of the epidemic in Lebanon and the Arab world through social media, and my goal was to raise awareness and not hesitate to take the vaccine.”

She pointed out that the role of the “Arab Pride” award is to shed light on Arab personalities influential in society, and it was also awarded to people from other Arab countries in various fields.

She added, “I started my work in the pharmacy department, and since the beginning of the epidemic, I was a participant with a research team for the Moderna vaccine, and I applied to the scientific authorities designated to give approval, and the studies were approved, in addition to the awareness campaigns that were held on the sidelines of the study through videos to deliver the correct scientific information and refute the wrong information.” .

Ghosn advised citizens to take the vaccine in the face of the Corona epidemic at all levels, adding that it had been developed on scientific grounds and in accordance with the required international scientific standards.

She wished citizens to “always take information from reliable sources and not listen to rumours. The third dose of the vaccine is very necessary to protect us and avoid visiting intensive care rooms and death.”

Ghosn concluded her interview with “Sky News Arabia” with a piece of advice, in which she said: “For those who have not been vaccinated with any dose until this moment, they should take the decision quickly, and study the scientific sources to be convinced of the information available to everyone.”

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