A Lebanese diver catches a giant tuna and ‘donates it to those in need’

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publish date 2021-12-16 09:23:03

Lebanese diver Georges Philippe Skaff, known as “GP”, caught a giant bluefin tuna and donated it to a charitable organization that provides free meals to the needy in Beirut.

While practicing free diving, Skaf managed to catch his fish at a depth of about 15 meters under the surface of the water, off the Raouche rock in the rocky area of ​​Ras Beirut, with a weight of 132 kilograms.

In a step bearing human meaning and sympathy with society amid a stifling economic crisis, in which the price of a kilo of fresh fish reached astronomical figures of more than 300,000 pounds per kilo, the diver gifted the huge tuna fish to a charitable organization.

Skaf, who works in the textile trade in Beirut and whose hobby is diving, fishing and caring for the marine environment, said in an exclusive interview with “Sky News Arabia”: “I dive with friends periodically against Raouche Rock. There is a rocky cliff under the water that some large fish resort to.” .

He continued: “I noticed the movement of the bluefin fish at a depth of several meters, so I dived towards it and shot it with an arrow from an underwater fishing gun, and I hit it, and I continued to resist for more than an hour, and so am I, until I was able to drag it to the surface of the water and took it by boat to the fishermen’s port, where I photographed and weighed it. And I decided to dedicate it to a charitable association that distributes daily meals to the deserving in Beirut.”

He added, laughing, “I was surprised by the fish and its size under the water, and I set a record by fishing that was registered in the name of a fisherman, as he had caught a fish weighing 90 kilograms earlier, and today I hold the record for the largest bluefin tuna registered in Beirut.”

Regarding the unexpected catch of this giant fish in the Beirut Sea, the captain of the Lebanese Divers Syndicate, Muhammad Al-Sarji, said, “Tuna is an important and expensive type of fish, and it enters the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean through Spain and Portugal, and is subject, according to international agreements, to a specific fishing quota for each country globally. “.

Al-Sarji continued, in his speech to “Sky News Arabia”: “It enters the Mediterranean to reproduce and hatch its eggs, and then returns to the Atlantic Ocean. Despite her strength, there is no doubt that he killed her until she surrendered.”

Regarding its type and quality, the captain of divers said: “It is a very expensive and sought-after fish that is sold to Japan. It is a major component of the traditional sushi dish, and there are farms to raise it on the island of Malta and export it to Japan and international markets,” referring to Lebanon’s experience of cultivating it and raising it in water basins outside the sea, “but it is Unfortunately, it has not been completed. We hope that these experiments will be successful in the future.”

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