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How does “Israel” affect the water situation in Jordan?

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publish date 2021-12-16 00:27:39

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Environmental experts have warned of the bad water situation in Jordan and the Israeli influence on it.

Environmental activist and president of the Deben Association for Environmental Development, Hala Sobhi Murad, warned of “the moribundity of the Jordan River and the drop in the water level of the Dead Sea.” Because of “the theft of the waters of the Yarmouk River by the Israeli occupation and polluting the waters of the Jordan River with fertilizer residues and fish farm waste, which led to the killing of plant and fish life in the river.”

Murad added, “The Jordan River does not get the required amount of water estimated at 1.3 million cubic meters, as the occupation changed the course of the river, depriving the Jordan River of 600 million cubic meters, and only 300 million cubic meters remain in the course of the river.”

And she continued: “The occupation was able to steal water through an artificial river through giant pipes from Tiberias to the Negev with pipes with a diameter of two and a half meters, which affected the Jordan River, which flows into the lake and continues to exit from it, which also led to a decrease in the level of the Dead Sea as well, and in response to that In the sixties, Jordan dug the King Abdullah Canal, but it was not at the level of a vector of occupation.”

Murad pointed out that “the occupation was not satisfied with this, but rather polluted the waters of the Jordan River with the remnants of fish farms and fertilizers, and it also pumped excessively to the groundwater in the south and polluted it.”

For his part, the Jordanian international expert in the field of energy and the environment, Dr. Sufian Al-Tal, said that “the occupation did not abide by the agreement, as the occupation diverted all the water that flows into the Jordan River to the south through the so-called great national carrier. On the other hand, the pollution rate is very high in The Jordan River, due to the occupation throwing the remnants of fish farms into the river.”

Al-Tal confirmed that he touched on this in his book, “The Zionist Hegemony on Jordan,” stressing, “We are a water-rich country, but our water is wasted.”

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