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Determining the date of disbursing the last installment of Takaful 3

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publish date 2021-12-16 11:05:33

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The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Social Development, Acting Director-General of the National Aid Fund, Dr. Barq Al-Damour, announced that during the next week, the last batch of the Takaful 3 program announced by the fund will be disbursed at the beginning of the year targeting those affected by the Corona pandemic and ending on 12/31/2021.

Damour said that the fund targeted 160,000 families affected by the Corona pandemic, with a value of 150 million dinars, pointing out that this program came in parallel with the supplementary support program that targeted 85 families with a value of 100 million dinars and the monthly aid program that targeted 107 thousand families with a value of 100 million dinars.

He added that the budget of the National Aid Fund for this year amounted to 350 million dinars, including approximately 150 million dinars for families affected by the Corona pandemic.

Al-Damour revealed that work is being done to unify all programs at the beginning of next year, so that there is no more than one program for the Fund and that there is one targeting program within the targeting equations and calculating uniform poverty gaps.

He indicated that there are 75 indicators through which families are classified and obtain support, including indicators related to family income and expenditures, indicators related to education, health, water and electricity, the presence of students in universities, sick, elderly and disabled people, noting that these indicators classify families from the poorest to the least poor. The program targets the poorest 125,000 families.

As for the supplementary support program, it has been working on it since 2019-2021, and it has been extended for the coming years, as the Fund announced the start of registration for it during the current month until its end, and it is continuing for the next year and has been expanded and added 40-45 thousand additional families.

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