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Daas: Tawjihi students in 2003 are subjected to injustice

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publish date 2021-12-15 23:02:56

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The coordinator of the national campaign for students’ rights “Zahbtona”, Dr. Fakher Daas, criticized the decision of the Higher Education Council to allocate 10% of the unified admission seats for repeat students for the purpose of raising the rate, for the winter session (supplementary session).

Daas wrote in a post on his Facebook page today, Wednesday, “The campaign saw that the Higher Education Council did not notice the extent of the injustice that such a decision would inflict on students of my 2003 guidance who will take the Tawjihi exam for the purposes of raising the rate.”

And between, that is for two reasons; First, these students were given only one chance to sit for the exam, unlike all of their peers in previous years.

Daas continued: “Secondly: These students will compete – in accordance with the decision of the Higher Education Council – with the students of the 2002 and 2001 directives, and we all know the size of the very high marks for these students compared to the results of the directives of my 2003 directives.”

He explained, that this matter “means absolutely that the students of the Tawjihi 2003 are unable to obtain any seats to compete because the Tawjihi scores in the past two years were very high compared to the current year.”

Daas indicated that the campaign communicated “with the Ministry of Higher Education, which promised to work on solving this problem in order to achieve justice for all students.”

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