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Chances of rain showers renewed on Friday and Saturday

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publish date 2021-12-15 18:24:00

The Arab Weather website predicted the possibility of the Kingdom being affected by the end of the week with a deepening of a cold air mass towards the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, including the Kingdom on Friday and Saturday.

And the site indicated, in a statement today, Wednesday, that the temperatures will drop further to be lower than their rates for this time of the year, and the weather will be cold and humid in most areas, with the spread of clouds at medium and low altitudes and the blowing of moderately fast westerly winds, sometimes active.

The statement said that the temperatures will decrease in the night hours and the weather will be cold to very cold in general, especially in the mountainous highlands and the eastern plains of the Kingdom.

He expected renewed chances of rain showers in some areas, especially the northern and central ones, on Friday and Saturday as a result of the crossing of humid western air currents, coinciding with the prevalence of foggy weather over the high mountainous heights as a result of the crossing of low clouds touching the surface of the earth.

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