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After bombarding the government with resonant rhetoric, do MPs pass a “declaration of intent”?

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publish date 2021-12-16 19:33:01

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Emad Abdel Karim

An attack and violent speech against the government of Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh under the dome of Parliament yesterday, where the majority of parliamentarians announced their absolute rejection of declaring intentions with the Zionist entity regarding water in exchange for energy, affirming their complete and absolute rejection of normalization with this entity and denouncing the government’s concealment of the news of the signing of the agreement of intent until the last moments. .

During the session held to discuss the file of signing the (Declaration of Intent) agreement, which lasted for nearly 4 hours of rhetoric and accusations against the government and pressure on it to force it to retract the declaration of intent, they waved and threatened the existence of two parliamentary memoranda of confidence in the government and the Minister of Water.

The deputies warned against mortgaging the water sector in the hands of the occupation, calling on the government to find water alternatives to meet the needs of citizens, irrigation and others, noting that Israel did not abide by the peace treaty, and will not abide by any other agreements, whether water or otherwise, and that the occupation seeks to enact laws against Jordan, including the settlement law Noting that Israel has no problem with energy, as it has gas, oil and nuclear energy, and making the kingdom’s water security in the hands of the Zionist enemy is a dangerous matter.

After all this cheering and rhetoric that raged between the government and parliament, during which accusations were leveled between deputies and the prime minister, Dr. Bishr Al-Khasawneh, and the bidding of Jordan’s positions on the Palestinian issue, but the surprise was that the deputies voted at the end of their discussions to refer the proposals and deliberations that were presented during the session to the Agriculture and Water Committee for submission Its proposals later to the Council, and to listen to the opinions of experts in this regard, which shocked the Jordanian street by not taking a courageous political position on the agreement.

“populist” speeches and no intention to reject the agreement

Writer and political analyst Amer al-Sabayleh undoubtedly said that the speech we witnessed in Parliament yesterday during the meeting to discuss the government’s signing of the (Declaration of Intent) agreement with Israel comes from the “populists” that deputies seek to achieve in front of their electoral bases only.

He stressed, during statements to “Akhbar Al-Jordan”, that Parliament could have rejected the agreement without going into its details and wasting time, because the principle in their rejection of it is not to sign any agreement with the Israeli entity, stressing that if there was a real intention by the representatives to reject it directly without any discussions, He pointed out that if the government continues with the agreement, 70 deputies or the number that announced the rejection of the agreement can withhold confidence from the government or bring it down.

Al-Sabayleh added that what we see today in Parliament is closer to the “populist” situation that has dominated the Jordanian scene in recent years, both in foreign and domestic policy, and everything that happened yesterday is a talk that does not fatten and does not sing from hunger.

Searching for justifications for signing and accepting the agreement..a justification for its acceptance

While the Secretary-General of the “Stronger Jordan” party and former MP, Dr. Rola Al-Hroub, saw that what happened in the parliament session yesterday was expected in terms of the deputies’ lack of seriousness in stopping the agreement or putting pressure on the government to cancel the agreement, noting that the parliament was content with rhetoric and evasion of the main issue. It is the signing of the agreement with Israel.

Al-Hroub said in exclusive statements to “Akhbar Al-Jordan” that the representatives were required to pressure the prime minister to announce the withdrawal from the agreement of intent, or at least provide a logical and scientifically justified explanation, which is why the government signed the agreement and what are the circumstances of its signing, but unfortunately all of this did not happen.

She explained that the decision to refer the file of the “Declaration of Intent Agreement” to the Agriculture and Water Committee to present its proposals later to the Council constitutes a legitimization for signing the agreement and an attempt to get out of the situation and find supposed and alleged reasons and justifications for accepting and approving the agreement.

She said that the end of the discussions during the session on this matter was shameful and sad, as the session ended without the ability of the deputies to take any political action, and this is due to the lack of sufficient knowledge of the constitutional tools available to them in order to benefit from them to put pressure on the government, which did not provide the deputies with any explanation of the backgrounds and reasons that prompted it to Signing the agreement, in addition to that it did not offer any other alternative that could have gone to, meaning that it offered the agreement as the only and irreversible solution to secure Jordan with water.

She pointed out that the constitutional origin was that the deputies had signed a memorandum submitted to the Speaker of Parliament before the end of the session asking to set a date for holding a session to cast confidence in the government, as the government ignored the desire of the deputies that appeared through their letters indicating the rejection of the agreement.

The speeches of the deputies dealt with the agreement from the momentary aspect, not the strategic aspect

For his part, the political analyst, Dr., since the dialogues, considered that the parliament’s adoption and approval to discuss the (declaration of intent) agreement with Israel is an implicit approval of what the government has done in this aspect. .

In his interview with Jordan News, Al-Hawarat indicated that Parliament read the agreement in a momentary manner, which is our need for water and the need to provide it in appropriate quantities, and did not read it strategically in that it puts Jordanian sovereignty in great doubt and in the long run gives Israel the upper hand over the region’s bounties in the field of water or transformation climatic.

The dialogues said that the deputies took matters from a narrow, instantaneous and immediate angle, which will pass at its moment or after a while, but the moment of submission to the Israeli occupation entity will continue as long as we rely on it in this strategic area and rely on the technical strength and dominance that the occupation seeks, indicating that the presence of the President’s envoy American Climate Affairs John Kerry The agreement signing ceremony indicates that the United States and Israel plan to lead the future by talking and investing resources for the benefit of the Jewish state.

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