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Weather forecast: Heavy rain with thunder within hours

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publish date 2021-12-14 18:34:15

The Director of the Meteorological Department, Raed Al Khattab, said that a bundle of clouds is approaching the Kingdom, and it is expected that it will lead to rain if it arrives after a few hours.

Al-Khattab pointed out that rain is expected in the western regions of the Kingdom, starting from the north to the south, and at night it is expected that there will be heavy precipitation accompanied by thunder.

Al-Khattab warned of the possibility of torrential rains.

The director of operations at the “Arab Weather” website, Osama Al-Tarifi, had stated that Jordan is awaiting unstable weather conditions, the impact of which begins suddenly with the evening and night hours.

Al-Tarifi added in his speech to Roya TV today, Tuesday, that during the day on Tuesday, temperatures will remain higher than their average rates, and the weather will be relatively cold in most areas, and clouds will gradually appear at different heights, especially during the afternoon and evening hours, and the opportunity is created for showers of rain in the northern region, extending successively. For the western regions of the Kingdom, rain will be thundery, at the forefront of crossing a cold air front at night.

The Kingdom remains under the influence of cold air currents during the morning and morning hours of Wednesday, as the opportunity remains ready for showers of rain in different parts of the western regions, coinciding with the crossing of low clouds and touching the surface of the earth working to form fog over the high mountain heights, so it is advised to pay attention while walking. On external roads, especially those linking the northern and central governorates of the Kingdom to each other, there is a risk of a decrease in horizontal visibility due to the intensity of clouds touching the surface of the earth.

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