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The judiciary rejects an urgent request against the Council of Engineers Syndicate

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publish date 2021-12-15 15:46:24

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The Supreme Administrative Court rejected the appeal submitted by representatives of the “Injaz” list in the Syndicate of Engineers to the validity of the Syndicate’s council’s call to hold the Syndicate’s General Assembly meeting scheduled for the 24th of this month to discuss the proposed amendments to the Syndicate’s law.

And the court’s decision stated that “the condition to stop the implementation of the administrative decision subject to appeal before the Administrative Court is not available in accordance with the provisions of Article (6/a) of the Administrative Judiciary Law No. (27) for the year 2014, which requires the request to be rejected.”

Twenty-nine engineers had submitted an urgent request to the court against the Syndicate of Engineers and the Syndicate Council to stop the implementation of a decision calling for the Syndicate’s general assembly.

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