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Royal Jordanian intends to reach 60 global destinations in 5 years

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publish date 2021-12-15 22:57:09

The CEO of Royal Jordanian Airlines, Eng. Samer Al-Majali, said that the company intends to expand its network of routes from 35 to 60 global destinations over the next five years to match the movement of passengers and their travel requirements.

Majali added, in a press statement, on the sidelines of Royal Jordanian’s celebrations of the 58th anniversary of its founding, which falls today, Wednesday, that Royal Jordanian will also gradually modernize its fleet of medium and short-range aircraft, bringing the number of the fleet’s aircraft from 24 at the present time to about 40 aircraft in 5 years.

Today, December 15, coincided with the fifty-eighth anniversary of the founding of the company, and the beginning of its launch in the atmosphere of the world as an ambassador of affection, friendship and understanding with peoples, and a bridge for cultural, commercial and tourism exchange with the world, as stated in the text of the royal message he sent on that day in the year 1963, the late King, God willing, Hussein bin Talal to be the birth of the national carrier of Jordan.

Since its inception, the National Company has enjoyed Hashemite sponsorship that continued during the reign of King Abdullah II, which played a key role in its renaissance, development and enabling of effective competition regionally and globally.

Majali affirmed the administration’s determination at this stage to take all measures aimed at improving the company’s general performance, increasing efficiency and effectiveness, and raising the level of competitiveness and productivity to reach the desired profitability to advance Royal Jordanian and enable it to overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities and profits, especially after the losses suffered by the company and the aviation sector. The entirety of the Corona pandemic, which continues to cast a shadow over the sector from last year.

He explained that RJ is currently revising axes of great importance and direct connection with RJ’s work. It is the operational plan and what it requires of new aircraft, a flexible air network, improving the public’s impressions of the company, its services and the air product, and the manpower that must remain at a degree of efficiency and qualification.

Majali expressed his pride in the expertise of the ownership team in various sectors, which will ensure the optimal implementation of the plans included in the company’s current and future strategy.

Majali stressed the importance of the team spirit that prevails among employees, which is one of the main factors enabling the company to overcome the challenges it is going through and continue its path.

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