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Al-Thneibat: I will pass it on (agreement of intentions with the occupation) for the benefit of the country

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publish date 2021-12-15 12:37:14

Compass – Representative Ghazi Al-Thneibat said that the agreement with the occupation (water in exchange for electricity) will eventually pass, as the previous agreements passed before it.

During an observational session, Al-Thneibat called to consider the agreement of intent, to discuss the agreement and its impact on Jordan, and to understand it, stressing that “it is not with the agreement, but it must be discussed rationally.”

A verbal altercation occurred between Al-Dhunaibat and MP Ahmed Al-Qatawneh, saying: Pass the agreement, so Al-Dhunaibat will return it: I pass it on for the benefit of the country.

The House of Representatives held an oversight session to consider the agreement of intent, amid calls by members of the House of Representatives to nullify the agreement, as it poses a great danger to Jordanian sovereignty, as they described it.

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