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Al-Ajarmeh: The lamb is less than 100 dinars for Jordanians… and it will continue even if I lose my life

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publish date 2021-12-15 22:36:29

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Al-Ajarma: I am not looking for fame, and I will not give in to young people

The Jordanian investor in the sheep breeding sector in Georgia, Radwan Al-Ajarmeh (Abu Talal), said that the visit of the Minister of Agriculture, Khaled Al-Hanaifat, was not for him personally in Georgia, but rather he visited other investors, and his desire was to diversify the sources of meat to the Jordanian market.

Al-Ajarmeh added, in a live broadcast through his account on the “Facebook” platform this evening, Wednesday, followed by “Jordan News,” that he is still on his promise to deliver meat to Jordan for less than 100 dinars per sheep.

He pointed out that he was not looking for “fame or any position”, but was subjected to a campaign of confusion and skepticism by some media outlets, revealing that he had received contacts and negotiations to leave the issue of exporting meat to Jordan, but he insisted on his position.

Al-Ajarma confirmed that he had told the Minister of Agriculture that he would be subjected to pressure, but the minister told him, “There is no greater person than me in the Ministry of Agriculture.” However, he was threatened and summoned by the Georgian government, stressing that “he will not give in to the young.”

He provided details related to sending meat shipments to Jordan, noting that during his review of a Jordanian airline, and agreement with it on all the details, this company contacted him, apologizing for the shipment due to the necessary temperature.

Al-Ajarma added that he then went to a Turkish and Qatari airline, and it was agreed to send 3 shipments per week to Queen Alia International Airport, stressing that the owner of one of the meat distribution centers in the Middle East contacted him and it was agreed between them to supply the malls and centers. business in the Kingdom.

And he indicated, that this “partner” expressed his willingness to lose in order to deliver meat at acceptable prices to the Jordanian market, and indeed he was contracted to be the authorized agent for the supply of meat from Georgia.

Al-Ajarma: I was asked to pay $100,000 for the meat supply

Al-Ajarmeh indicated that the Ministry of Agriculture had identified two approved slaughterhouses in Georgia, adding, “I went to the first slaughterhouse, but he apologized for dealing with me, and was not ready to supply to Jordan until a month later.” So he went to the second slaughterhouse, which confirmed that he is committed to another Jordanian trader.

He pointed out that he then contacted the Ministry of Agriculture, as one of its officials assured him that two new slaughterhouses would be added, adding, “I went to the third slaughterhouse” and there was a representative of one of the major traders who was present with the visit of Minister Hanifat, and he told me, “These sheep are not yours.” “.

Al-Ajarmeh indicated that he was asked to pay a sum of one hundred thousand dollars for the supply of meat, stressing that he has the records that prove this.

He explained that he found a slaughterhouse 500 kilometers away from his farm, stressing that he had paid the necessary freight for the “Qatari and Turkish” planes on the basis that the slaughter would take place on Thursday, and the shipment on Friday as promised by the Jordanians, but in light of these events this will not take place.

Al-Ajarmeh indicated that what prompted him to leave this broadcast was to clarify matters to the Jordanian people, stressing that he was asked to stay away from statements to the media, and accordingly his official Facebook page will be the one approved to publish his news.

He pointed out that the largest Jordanian businessmen also contacted him, and he transferred a million and a half Jordanian dinars to Georgian banks, and there is a representative for him in Georgia, who will buy the sheep, slaughter them and send them to Jordan.

Al-Ajarmeh confirmed that he owns 2,000 sheep, which he will send and ship to the Jordanian market, and that he will continue to do this even if it costs him his “life.”

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