The father of the “Syrian girl” recounts the details of her murder in Amman

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publish date 2021-12-15 13:21:24

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The father of the Syrian girl who was killed in Amman a few days ago revealed the details of what happened to her.

The father of the victim, Maryam, confirmed that she had been harassed by a young man who had proposed to her, but she had refused him, which prompted him to continue to pursue and harass her.

The young man was not satisfied with that, as he threatened her family through phone calls, as well as repeatedly exposing the girl in the public street.

The young man had previously assaulted the girl by hitting her in the hand with a sharp object, according to her father’s account.

On the day of her death, the father says, she was late for her return home, while her phone was switched off, and later security men came to his house and told him that she had been killed by several stab wounds to the back, abdomen and neck.

It is noteworthy that the Public Security Directorate had issued a statement, announcing the arrest of the suspect in the murder of the girl.

The media spokesman for the Directorate, Colonel Amer Al-Sartawi, said that a report was received that a girl of Arab nationality was stabbed by an unknown person while she was in the Ashrafieh area, and soon she died of her injury.

He added that through investigations into the case and gathering information, the identity of the killer was identified, who had been found to have disappeared since committing the crime.

Al-Sartawi confirmed that his whereabouts were identified, he was arrested, and an investigation was launched against him, in preparation for his referral to the judiciary.

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