Secrets of skin care the Pharaonic way.. Salt scrub and natural protein for hair

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Many pharaonic statues showed the keenness of women in ancient Egypt to use kohl and draw their eyes in a way that inspires many women to draw eyeliner, and the world has known about Egyptian women since ancient times their interest in their beauty, and for this they used many natural recipes from the elements available in their environment and surroundings, The “marieclaire” magazine website mentioned a number of secrets used by ancient Egyptian women in skin care.

Use a face mask

Milk bath was the most famous skin care and beauty method since the era of the pharaohs, to purify the skin and increase its smoothness These salts rejuvenate the cells and also remove negative energy from the body.

She also used masks and “stickers” consisting of honey and fenugreek, adding some drops of chamomile to resist wrinkles, delay their appearance, eliminate freckles, moisturize and nourish her skin.

Use Nile silt

The Pharaonic woman focused and was always keen to use Nile mud for skin care on the face and body because of its many benefits.
As well as the woman’s interest in her personal hygiene through the use of soap, which is mud or ash mixed with some essential oils.

The first natural protein for hair

In addition, she made a fixative for hairdressing from animal fats and wax, and the papyri confirm that the Pharaonic woman exaggerated the interest in the beauty of her eyes with different types of kohl, such as municipal kohl.

Pharaonic women always used olive oil and coconut milk by placing them in equal proportions on their hair, and also made a natural protein for their hair to avoid baldness from animal fats such as goat fat, snake and crocodile oils.



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