After 8 months, British police solve the mystery of the “disappeared” mother of the infant

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publish date 2021-12-14 19:01:21

British police said they were able to reach the mother of an infant who was found eight months ago after being abandoned on the street, wrapped in a blanket.

According to the “Sky News” network, a person walking with a dog in the Birmingham area found the baby, who had just been born, on the twenty-second of last April, at five forty minutes in the evening.

It was believed, at the time, that only a few hours had passed since the birth of the British infant, and then it was abandoned in the street.

Upon finding the infant, he was taken to the hospital, and named George by the medical staff, and the investigation has continued since then in order to reach the mother.

The West Midlands police said they conducted a very complex investigation before they were able to reach the mother of the baby, but the authorities did not reveal the details of the process of reaching the mother.

The police thanked the people and the media for the help that was provided in the case of the infant, who received wide sympathy.

The police stated that their priority was to find the mother in order to ensure that she was well, safe and had the required support.

The authorities indicated that the most important thing is to ensure that the mother benefits from the support, saying that no additional measures will be taken regarding her, which means that she will not be followed up due to negligence.

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