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Saedan warns again of the “Al-Waala Dam” and is surprised by the signing of the “Declaration of Intent” agreement

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publish date 2021-12-14 00:20:38

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The former Minister of Water and Irrigation, Dr. Mutassim Saidan, renewed his warning regarding the Wala Dam, indicating that there was a report issued by the Audit Bureau during the month of June that confirmed the technical and financial abuses in the Wala Dam more than he talked about this dam.

Saidan added, during his hosting of the “Pulse of the Country” program on the “Roya” channel, this evening, Monday, that the cracks in the Wala dam are now visible in it, indicating that the government contracted with an American company to decide on the issue of the dam and submit a technical report on it.

And he added, that this company has indeed submitted the initial version of its report, and it mentioned many technical problems in its report, such as “reliefs” that exceed the acceptable engineering limit and many other obvious engineering errors.

Saedan pointed out that decision-makers should be informed of this report, noting that with the beginning of the current rainy season, approximately 3 million cubic meters of water entered the dam, believing that “we have entered the dangerous stage with regard to this dam”, especially since the rainy season It’s still in its infancy.

He pointed to the necessity of activating the emergency plan for the dam, especially since there is no control over the dam’s income from valleys and torrents, expecting that the volume of water in it will reach approximately 5-6 million cubic meters, and therefore the dam must be liquefied to preserve it.

Declaration of Intent Agreement

In the same context, Saidan was surprised by the government’s willingness to sign a “declaration of intent” with the Israeli occupation, noting that the kingdom’s water networks cannot absorb 20 million cubic meters in the summer, wondering, “How does the government expect a declaration of intent with 200 million cubic meters with the occupation?” ?.

He added that absorbing the quantities of water from the “declaration of intent” with the Israeli occupation requires the development of water networks in Jordan at a cost of approximately $3 billion.

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