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Amid expectations of a tumultuous session… Will the “representatives” cancel the water agreement with the occupation?

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publish date 2021-12-14 14:07:19

The House of Representatives will discuss tomorrow, Wednesday, the agreement of declaration of intent signed between the Jordanian government and the occupation government in the occupying country to exchange energy and water.

It is expected that the discussion session will be stormy, due to the seriousness of the agreement and the importance of the parliamentary position towards it, amid popular demands that it be nullified due to the dangerous dimensions it carries on the political and economic levels.

The session in which the council agreed to set a date for a session to discuss the agreement, sparked a great deal of controversy, especially after MP Saleh al-Armouti led a withdrawal from the council due to the presence of the Minister of Water and Irrigation, who signed the agreement on the Jordanian side with the occupation.

On Wednesday, attention is directed to the House of Representatives, which will be in a “difficult situation,” according to observers, and will be between the “jaws of the pincers.” The government that signed the agreement represented by the Ministry of Water will not be happy if the House approves a decision to invalidate it, while the “representatives” face a new and difficult test that puts Their popularity is at stake.

Representative Hassan Al-Riyati expected that during Wednesday’s session, the House of Representatives would have “one vote” to reject the agreement with the occupation (the water-for-energy exchange agreement), while he also expected that the Minister of Water would be “withheld confidence,” as he is the one who signed the agreement with the occupation.

Al-Riyati confirmed that he would demand from the House of Representatives the transfer of the Minister of Water and Irrigation to the Public Prosecutor, for his signature of an agreement that is “a stab to the blood of the martyrs of the Arab army who rose on the land of Palestine in general and Jerusalem in particular.”

On the ability of the House of Representatives to nullify the agreement, Al-Riyati explained that “the agreement is already unconstitutional, as it must be presented to the House of Representatives before it is signed,” noting that the House of Representatives will determine, during Wednesday’s session, the course of the agreement and decide the appropriate procedures around it.

The MP pointed out that he is “very optimistic about the ability of the House of Representatives to nullify the agreement”, in contrast to expectations that the House of Representatives will not change anything in the course of the agreement, reiterating his expectation to nullify “the agreement and withdraw confidence from the Minister of Water and Irrigation, at the very least.”

He referred to the recent situation that took place in the House of Representatives, after the departure of Representative Saleh Al-Armouti from the parliament, along with a large number of deputies, forcing the presidency of the House to adjourn the session because it lost the quorum, indicating that this indicates the bias of the House of Representatives to the popular will rejecting any agreements with Occupation.

And on the scenario of the government’s procrastination in the recommendations that will be issued by the House of Representatives regarding the agreement, Al-Riyati explained that “the House of Representatives bin accepts this and will insist on issuing a decision to nullify the agreement,” noting that King Abdullah II stressed during his meeting with the permanent office of the House of Representatives recently the need for “a return of the agreement.” Trust between the parliament and the citizens and the return of the parliament’s real role in oversight and legislation.

The deputy indicated that the King’s recent meeting with the Permanent Office of the House of Representatives indicated the need to expedite the completion of the national carrier project, and the project will have a major role in resolving part of the water crisis, which will lead to invalidating the agreement with the occupation.

But in the same context, there is a state of concern that the popular and parliamentary demands will be circumvented, as happened in the gas agreement, when the previous parliament recommended its abolition, but the government did not respond.

Those who reject the agreement (the Water and Energy Exchange Agreement) warn of its danger to the Kingdom and its sovereignty, as it will mortgage the Jordanian decision to the occupier, who will control the country’s strategic resources.

The Jordanian street has witnessed protests for more than 3 weeks, rejecting the declaration of intent agreement with the occupation that was signed in the UAE.


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