Johnson’s administration… scandals, successive resignations, racist laws and dictatorial tendencies

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Since his arrival to Downing Street in December 2019, succeeding Theresa May, the era of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been characterized by a lot of controversy, and scandals did not stop chasing him after the formation of his Conservative government on the sole basis of ending the Brexit crisis, which increased and exacerbated after His government’s failure to manage the Corona crisis that ravaged the British health system and caused an economic contraction not seen in Britain since the end of World War II.

Coinciding with the spread of scandals that affected Johnson and many members of his administration, resignations followed after he and his team failed to cover up and deny the scandals or even reduce their impact on British public opinion.

Johnson’s era was not limited to the fulfillment of the promise to leave the European Union, but was also characterized by its racist laws that would restrict the Muslim community under the pretext of combating terrorism, in addition to Johnson’s dictatorial tendencies that he seeks to acquire through the amendments made by his government to a police law and impose order general.

Constant scandals and criticism

Despite Johnson’s success in overcoming the impeachment crisis that affected the transparency and integrity of Britain’s political system, after the conflict of interest and abuse of office scandal that rocked the Conservative Party in Parliament, his popularity is declining to an all-time low.

And in light of the series of scandals published by the Standards Committee in the British Parliament about Conservative MP Owen Patterson, who took advantage of his parliamentary position to profit from the consulting work of a health services company that obtained contracts in millions during the Corona epidemic, the British business community criticized Johnson at the beginning of last October. For his lack of a plan to address the crisis of labor shortage after he called on them to pay higher wages and reduce their dependence on cheap foreign labor.

Johnson was also famous for his many extramarital affair, and there is even information that one of Johnson’s sons was born from a fleeting affair. Johnson has been married twice in the past and has four children with his ex-wife, lawyer Marina Wheeler, with whom he divorced in 2018.

It is reported that Boris Johnson was the first British Prime Minister to live with an unmarried partner when he assumed the position of Prime Minister in 2019.

Johnson, 56, and his company Carrie Symonds, 33, whom he married last May after they had a new baby, were again in the spotlight, due to an investigation into a scandal related to the high cost of renovating their apartment in Downing Street.

Corona topples members of the Johnson administration

Yesterday, Wednesday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologized after one of his top aides resigned after a leaked video of her appeared in which several of his senior officials joked about holding a Christmas party at Government House last year when social events were banned as part of the pandemic control measures. Covid.

Johnson and his ministers had been denying that the party was being held for a week, following press reports that dozens of employees attended an event on the evening of December 18, 2020.

In another context, Boris Johnson accepted the resignation of Health Minister Matt Hancock in late June, after admitting to violating the rules of social separation to combat the Corona virus, after the British newspaper “The Sun” published pictures showing Hancock kissing his assistant in his office, in clear violation of the rules that He was calling for people to respect her in order to tackle the virus.

Racist laws and dictatorial tendencies

In light of the continuing condemnation of human rights campaigns, Johnson’s conservative government is seeking to pass a bill that would allow the British citizenship to be withdrawn from some people without warning, on the pretext of preserving national security and the public interest, despite its conflict with international law that provides for citizenship rights.

In addition to the law to withdraw citizenship, Johnson is working hard to stop illegal immigration coming to his country from the European Union, as well as canceling the law on freedom of movement within the European Union after Brexit, which portends difficult times awaiting the British economy due to the scarcity of cheap labor.

For his part, the famous British commentator, George Monbiot, pointed out in an article in the newspaper “The Guardian” to the dangers of the amendments that the British government is making to a police law and imposing public order in a way that puts Britain on the path of dictatorship. Monbiot noted that Johnson is accumulating new powers in vague new laws that would take the democratic country into the quagmire of tyranny.

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