Communication sites celebrate the port of #Operation_Quds.. an entire battalion

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publish date 2021-11-22 12:57:02

The Compass – The hashtag #Jerusalem_Operation and #Fadi_Abu_Shukhaidim issue social media sites in celebration of the operation carried out by the leader of the “Hamas” movement in the Shuafat camp in the occupied city of Jerusalem, Fadi Abu Shkheidam.

Abu Shekhadem carried out a heroic operation yesterday morning in Bab al-Silsila in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem, which resulted in the death of a soldier and the wounding of three others, with injuries of varying severity.

Poet and novelist Ayman Al-Atoum said, commenting on the same photo, at the moment of the arrest of the daughter of the martyred #Quds operation, #Fadi Abu_Shakhidim, today. You see how his daughter feels when she hears the news of his martyrdom; A mixture of pride and sadness… She has no consolation but to see him smile in her face, and to hear him whisper in her ear: Never mind, my love; Today, there is no slander or slander.”

Kuwaiti journalist writer Abdul Aziz Al-Fadhli tweeted through his account on Twitter, “The martyr Sheikh, God willing, #Fadi Abu Shkhaydam, carried out a heroic shooting operation that led to the killing of a Zionist and the wounding of a number of soldiers. This is the way to liberate Jerusalem and Palestine, not negotiations of surrender, normalization or security coordination. “.

And the Saudi activist, Sarah Al-Ghamdi, wrote: “Sheikh Al-Qassami, the Mujahid, #Fadiabushkhadem, the perpetrator of the Jerusalem operation, was martyred after shooting a group of criminal (Zionist) occupiers, may God accept him from the martyrs and grant him the highest paradise.”

Jordanian activist Maya Al-Rahhal wrote on Twitter: “He copied it to the Arab printers, his entire booklet for the arrest of the child of the martyr Fadi Abu Shkhaydam, who taught the occupation today with his courage and gave great lessons to the printers who legitimized the occupation in its terrorism and its continuous violations that #normalization_ is a betrayal and that resistance is the path of truth and victory “.

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