Today, the House of Representatives elects its permanent committees and reads draft laws it received from the government

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publish date 2021-11-22 09:08:00

On Monday, the House of Representatives holds two morning and evening legislative sessions, during which it recites bills received from the government, and selects the members of the permanent committees.

During the session, the deputies read the draft amendment to the Jordanian constitution for the year 2021, the draft political parties law for the year 2021, and the draft election law for the House of Representatives for the year 2021, giving these projects the status of urgency.

It is also followed by the office’s apology for authorizing the Council to form a committee to respond to the sermon to the throne and to abide by the text of Article (6) of the House of Representatives’ bylaws, and to limit the number of committee members to twenty members to be elected in the session.

During the session, the Council’s permanent committees are elected based on the provisions of Article (38) of the House of Representatives’ bylaws; They are: “legal, financial, economy and investment, foreign affairs, administrative, education and youth, national guidance, media and culture, health and environment, agriculture, water and the desert, work, social development and population, energy and mineral wealth, tourism, antiquities and public services, the Committee on Public Freedoms and Human Rights, Palestine Committee, Women and Family Affairs.

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