“Satanic and horrific murder case”… A man gets rid of his wife with a venomous cobra

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publish date 2021-11-22 09:17:06

A man in India received a 50-year prison sentence after killing his wife with a venomous snake.

The husband, Suraj Kumar, 28, decided to get rid of his wife, Uthra, because he could not stand her difficulty of learning, according to the BBC.

Kumar bought a highly venomous Indian cobra in February 2020, and has since tried to commit his crime, but providence was saving his wife every time, and from her when he called her to go downstairs in the house in the hope that the snake would bite her, but instead she saw The snake asked for help, according to CNN.
A few days later, Kumar put sedatives in his wife’s food, and forced the snake itself to bite it before throwing it out a window, to be hospitalized for 52 days, before it was delivered to its family and recovered with them.

On May 6, Kumar again tried to kill his wife, by taking a cobra to his wife’s parents’ house, giving her a drink full of sedatives, and then sticking the tusks of the venomous snake into her left arm.

The next morning, Uthra’s mother found her daughter unconscious, her mouth open and her left hand hanging on one side, and she was taken to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Court judge, M Manoj, described the murder as a “horrific satanic murder case”.

“Cobras generally do not bite anyone unless they are severely provoked, and they are asleep after eight in the evening,” Hari Shankar, who served as the lead investigator in the case for the Kerala State Police, told CNN.

Suraj Kumar met his wife Uthra for the first time through a marriage office in 2018, and she was suffering from learning difficulties, and she wanted someone who could take her, and her family paid Konar at the time a dowry of 720 grams of gold, a Suzuki sedan and $ 6,700.

A few months into their marriage, the Kumar family requested more from the Uthra family, although the court ruling stated that Kumar was tired of dealing with his wife’s disability and proceeded to kill her.

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