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British singer Adele caused a daze to her fans around the world by losing about 45 kilograms of weight, to appear in another way, and many questioned about the diet that she followed, and a lot of speculation emerged about its feasibility, and in an exclusive interview titled Adele One Night OnlyThe 33-year-old singer, with popular show host Oprah Winfrey, talked about her weight loss and surprisingly, the singer Rolling In the Deep She said she was really trying to combat her anxiety after breaking up with her ex-husband, Simone Konecki and was not on a diet.

British nutritionist Glenn Mattin, co-author of the book “The Sirtfood Diet” However, Adele started practicing this diet when she started exercising, at the hands of coach Peter Gerasimo, who directed all his clients to this diet, according to Sputnik.

How does The Sirtfood Diet work

According to what was published in the book, the foods in it stimulate the burning of fat by activating sirtuins, which are colloquially called “skinny genes”, and it is said that eating these foods that cause sirtuin can have the same effect as fasting on causing weight loss.

And the British magazine “Marie Claire” has developed some foods that stimulate the sirtuin process, and they include strawberries, dark chocolate, dates, buckwheat, celery, turnips, walnuts, olive oil, coffee and wine..

The diet is said to focus on the many foods that are part of the Mediterranean diet, although the Sirtfood The diet is mostly based on plants.

system works Sirtfood The diet should reduce processed foods, sugar, full-fat dairy products, and many starches.

It seems that Adele fits this diet, regardless of whether it was on a regular basis or intermittently.


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