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Jordanian and Arab experts call for adopting a strategy to confront and curb the expansion of the Zionist project

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publish date 2021-11-21 20:11:13

During a seminar for the Center for Middle Eastern Studies

They stressed the importance of the complementarity of the Palestinian and Arab role in managing the conflict with the Israeli occupation

Jordanian and Arab politicians and academics stressed the importance of the complementarity of the Palestinian and Arab role in managing the conflict and confronting the occupation, reconsidering the Arab, Islamic and international dimension of the issue, and emphasizing the Islamic reference as a lever for the Palestinian national project. To reduce its dangers to the Palestinian cause, to Arab national security and to the higher interests of the nation, by developing a new, workable Arab strategy governed by clear objectives.

The participants in the work of the second day of the symposium “Towards a New Strategy for Dealing with the Arab-Israeli Conflict,” which was held by the Center for Middle East Studies, with the participation of about 60 political and academic figures from Jordan and six Arab countries, stressed the need to reproduce a Palestinian national project in line with The developments of the Palestinian cause, based on specific and clear foundations, foundations and goals, unify the position of the Palestinian people as the decisive factor to achieve the end of the Israeli occupation and the return of refugees, while supporting, reviving and activating the option of resistance as a legitimate Arab and international right, preventing its classification as terrorism internationally, and mobilizing Palestinian and Arab support And the international community to secure the needs of the Palestinian people under occupation and in the diaspora and to support their struggle and steadfastness on their land.

The participants called for mobilizing the Arab peoples and raising their awareness of the dangers and hostility of Israel while mobilizing all energies and building the necessary capabilities towards managing the conflict towards achieving Palestinian interests and rights and bypassing its restriction on the path of settlement and negotiations, which failed to achieve any positive transformation.

They also stressed the need to build on the field gains of the Palestinian people and their resistance during the last battle of the “Sword of Jerusalem” and the accumulation of political investment in it, and to build strategies in confronting Israel by establishing the awakening of all Arab capabilities, while calling on Arab political forces and intellectual institutions to pressure towards adopting a strategy. Arab based on rebuilding the Palestinian national movement, working to end the occupation and achieving the right of return, not underestimating the size and importance of international diplomatic and legal resistance, and submitting agreement on the national program and Palestinian priorities over any reconciliation agreement, to ensure the success of any reconciliation and the firm that is based on It has national consensus
The participants called on the political forces and the lively civil society institutions to continue the siege of normalization activity in the Arab region, as it is important to thwart any Israeli penetration in the region, and to pay attention to the fact that international recognition in Palestine has become inversely proportional to the impact of Palestinian relations regionally and internationally, and the need to strengthen the network of relations including It serves the new conflict strategy to confront Israel, emphasizing the importance of the role of the study centers and their duty to bridge the gap between what the intellectual and cultural elite dialogues produce and the choices of the official decision-maker to make any proposed strategy a reality and a pressing public opinion.
They also demanded to take advantage of the opportunity of the Israeli decision-maker’s preoccupation with the Iranian threat to give the Palestinian resistance a space of time to prepare and prepare. In addition to the popular and armed resistance, activating the role of the Palestinians in the diaspora, reconsidering the liberation project and ending the Israeli occupation and dealing with it as a realistic and achievable option, and dedicating symbolism Jerusalem and its religious and spiritual status as a title for the confrontation with the Israeli occupation, investing in social media and developing a media strategy to serve the Palestinian cause as a tool for the conflict with the Israeli occupation

The participants demanded that the strategic vision in dealing with the Arab strategic conflict be based on various legitimate and legal tools, that it adopt the policy of opening the tracks and abandoning the only negotiating option adopted by the official Palestinian and Arab system in favor of working in parallel and integrated tracks, whether at the Palestinian level, or Jordan, and at the level of the Arab ring countries, to reach the role of all Arab countries

At the Jordanian level, the participants stressed the need to formulate a strategy of building and national confrontation with the aim of making a qualitative shift in the Jordanian national situation in the face of Israel and the expansionist Zionist project, which targets Jordan, its higher interests and national identity, in addition to the need to strengthen society, the state and its institutions and build a solid internal front that can play its part in this proposed strategy
The participants also stressed the need for a comprehensive reassessment of Jordan’s policy towards Israel and the Palestinian cause, in order to achieve the protection of Jordan’s interests, support the unity of the Palestinian people and their struggle materially, in the media, politically and morally, and to maintain the relationship with all Palestinian political components and try to influence towards reconciliation, and to consider alternatives to localization The Jordanian politician, on the Arab, regional and international levels, in light of the plans that threaten the national interests, serve the Palestinian cause, and create a penetration of the active political components and bodies in the decision-making circles and the formation of public opinion in the United States and other influential countries.

At the level of Arab countries, the participants stressed the need to carry out political, social and economic reforms, expedite the resolution of internal national conflicts and disputes, adopt plans for building military and economic power, and coordinate positions and efforts to confront Israeli ambitions in Palestine and its surroundings, while supporting the armed and popular resistance and political, legal and media efforts. and easing the effects of the siege on the Palestinian people, especially in Gaza, facilitating and encouraging popular activities, supporting the holding of representative elections for the Palestinian National Council in the diaspora, and returning decisions of the Palestinian issue to public education and higher education curricula, with a review of the “initiative” Arab Peace” with Israel, starting with freezing it, supporting efforts to prosecute Israeli war criminals internationally, prosecuting the occupation in international courts, and isolating Israel politically at the international level, while supporting all forms of Palestinian resistance, activating programs to boycott Israel, and coordination and cooperation with important regional countries that support The Palestinian cause.

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