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“Guarantee”: Transporting the injured in emergency cases by air ambulance

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publish date 2021-11-21 21:38:11

The Social Security Corporation signed an agreement with the Jordanian Air Ambulance Center in order to enhance work injury insurance services for the injured insured in emergency cases such as accidents on external roads or for critical cases that require immediate air transport to medical destinations.

The agreement was signed by Wafaa Jaradat, Director of the Occupational Safety and Work Injuries Department, and for the Jordanian Air Ambulance Center, Chief Executive Officer, Lt. Colonel Pilot Issa Abdel Karim Al-Afeef, in the presence of the Director General of the Social Security Corporation, Dr. Hazem Al-Rahahleh.

Al-Rahahleh stressed the importance of the services carried out by the Jordanian Air Ambulance Center, which are concerned with life and human safety, and this represents the essence of the social protection provided by the Social Security Law, noting that signing the agreement will enable the Corporation to provide air ambulance to social security participants who are exposed to work injuries and require their condition. Take advantage of this service.

Al-Rahahleh praised the efforts of the center and its employees for its important role in serving Jordanians and residents in Jordan by providing air ambulance services to seriously injured people in emergency cases that require rapid transportation, stressing the importance of this agreement to take advantage of modern technologies and infrastructure capabilities at the center to provide the best services. developed, which is in line with the institution’s orientations to provide optimal service to its audience.

In turn, the CEO of the Jordanian Air Ambulance Center, Lt. Col. Pilot Issa Abdul Karim Al-Afeef, stated that the Jordanian Air Ambulance Center was established in (2015) under the guidance of His Majesty King Abdullah II as an independent government center to be part of the ambulance services system in the Kingdom to serve the Jordanian community and transport the injured By air, especially from remote areas to the specialized medical centers in the Kingdom with high professionalism and professionalism, which are supervised by a specialized team of experienced and qualified people.

Al-Afeef praised the institution’s pioneering role in the social and humanitarian protection it provides to the insured who are exposed to work injuries, especially those that are difficult to reach quickly or require transporting the injured at high speed for their safety.

According to the concluded agreement, the Jordanian Air Ambulance Center is obligated to provide air ambulance service for the injured participating in the insurance on a medically equipped plane according to emergency cases, or from transporting the injured from a treatment center to another treatment center equipped with a landing for helicopters, as well as providing a medical staff consisting of a paramedic and a doctor to take care of the participants during the presentation The service is on board the plane, provided that the subscribers are transferred after coordination with the responsible medical authority from which the subscriber will be transferred and the medical authority to which the subscriber will be transferred.

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