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Continuing unstable weather and precipitation

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publish date 2021-11-22 08:46:24

The impact of air instability on the Kingdom is increasing. Thunder showers of rain are expected, God willing, and they are random geographically and in different regions of the Kingdom. It is not excluded that these showers will be heavy and be associated with hail in some narrow geographical areas and cause the flow of valleys and reefs and may form sudden torrents.

On Sundays, it is advised to stay away and not to be in the stomachs of valleys, cliffs, reefs and torrents.

It is also advised to pay attention to the risks of sudden floods and to follow up on weather forecasts periodically, as well as to pay attention to the risks of low horizontal visibility as a result of fog and clouds touching the surface of the earth in high mountainous areas.

And the Arab Weather website stressed the need to “avoid going out on flights.”

As of Monday: the effects of atmospheric instability will decline, with the weather remaining relatively cold during the day and cold at night, and God knows best.


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