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Al-Maaytah explains the reasons for forming the National Security Council

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publish date 2021-11-22 00:43:09

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The Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, Eng. Musa Al-Maaytah, explained the justifications for the constitutional amendment related to the establishment of a National Security Council and foreign policy, noting that the most important of them is “confronting external and internal challenges, especially security represented by threats of terrorism, conflicts and conflicts, and the previous challenges that necessitated the existence of a high-level and coordination mechanism to confront These challenges, finding appropriate solutions and limiting their negative effects.”

Al-Maaytah said, in televised statements, today, Sunday, that the Council “has a key role in coordinating internal and external policies and coordinating with the various security and political agencies of the state,” adding that “there will not be any interference or influence on the general mandate of the government in the work of the Council.”

He continued, “The meetings of the Council will not be periodic, but according to the need and circumstance, and there will be no interference or impact on the work of the Council on the general mandate of the government, which will exercise its executive roles and under the legislative authority’s control over its work.”

Article 122 of the proposed amended constitution stipulates that the National Security Council includes the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Interior, and the Army Commander, in addition to the Director of General Intelligence, and two other members appointed by the King, while the affairs of the Council are organized according to a system issued for this purpose.

The government confirmed that the establishment of the council aims to distance the security services from the expected political quarrels, with the adoption of the new election law, which provides for granting seats to parties with a gradual rate that will reach 65% of parliament seats after about 10 years, according to a closed national list system.

Al-Maaytah said that the King’s presidency of the Council and the membership of the Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, sovereign ministries and leaders of the security services guarantees “the impartiality of the security services and their survival away from partisan and political strife, especially in light of the trend towards developing partisan work, making it the basis of parliamentary work and forming the legislative authority, And that these devices remain a protector for all Jordanians of all intellectual and political orientations.”

He referred to international and Arab experiences that the government benefited from in the draft amendment, saying that “there are successful experiences of this kind of councils in many countries; Such as the National Security Council in Britain and the National Defense and Security Council in France, as well as a number of Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and the Emirates.

Al-Maaytah considered that the establishment of the council has “a national interest to preserve the security and interest of Jordanians and the cohesion of their social fabric, especially in light of a political and partisan experience that has not yet been completed, and at the present time, work is being done to implement the system of political legislation, which will give parties the largest role in the industry. Legislative decision and participation in governments.

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