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Al-Khasawneh: We refuse to be referred to as “a government that overturns the constitution.”

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publish date 2021-11-22 12:49:16

Prime Minister Bishr Al-Khasawneh said that the obligations contained in the Parties and Elections Laws “went and took their share of the national dialogue through the work of the Political System Modernization Committee, over many months.”

During the parliament session, today, Monday, Al-Khasawneh stated that “the central and main goal is to gradually reach partisan councils, and based on this, the electoral law was formulated and taken into account the demographic structure, which allows the empowerment of youth and women to participate in parliamentary work.”

He pointed out that “the government, in turn, has definitely adhered to the royal directive by submitting the outputs of this committee’s work to the National Assembly without any change, and that this parliament has committees and reaches legislative data,” noting that the constitutional amendments are linked to the two proposed laws.

He added, “The government clearly stated that it had submitted amendments and explained these amendments on a general basis, and it is a government that refuses to be referred to as overturning the constitution, and God forbid that it accept this issue.”

Al-Khasawneh continued, saying: “In all cases, this (constitutional amendments) is in the hands of the House of Representatives, and the House is the master of itself, and it is destined, in addition to the Senate,” while the interventions are enriching and the government will engage with it positively.

During the parliament’s session today, Monday, MP Saleh Al-Armouti criticized the proposed amendments to the constitution, considering it a “coup against the Jordanian constitution,” stressing that his speech comes “in the context of his concern for the security and stability of the country.”

And Representative Armouti, in his comment on the first reading of the constitutional amendments, indicated that they are a “coup against state institutions,” and the project that does not agree with the country’s system must be withdrawn.

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